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PAWS takes a holistic approach to animal welfare. Serving as both a shelter for homeless pets and a resource center for pet owners in need, PAWS is a nurturing environment where the well-being of animals and their human companions are intertwined.

We're way more than a shelter.

the paws difference

Tackling animal welfare issues at both ends of the leash.

Dog and Cat Jackson WY
PAWS Pet Gala


FRIDAY, JUNE 28 • 5:30-9:30PM


Michael & Donna Coles


Dogs Victor Idaho

View our adoptable pets
and learn about our shelter.


Cats Victor Idaho

Discover the ways we keep local pets safe from harm.


Apply for financial assistance for Spay/Neuter or veterinary care.

No Kill shelter for animal adoptions


Community first approach

Addressing animal welfare issues in our own backyard.

PAWS was founded in 1999 as a community resource to help LOCAL PETS AND THEIR PEOPLE. Our first priority is to assist pets in Teton County, WY, Teton County, ID and Star Valley, WY. When we are able, we assist neighboring shelters, regional partners and residents from areas which don't have a shelter of their own.

We do our best with limited resources and know that by focusing locally, we take care of pets and their people in need right here in our own community.

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did you know?

Paws assisted more than 1,000 local pets last year.

PAWS is a lifeline for local pets and their people and is 100% funded by donations.

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Grant Winthrop
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Val & Dick Beck

Michael & Donna Coles
Erika Pearsall Jannotta & Ned Jannotta
Theresa Godchaux

Your new best friend is waiting for you. Check out who's available at our Shelter!

It starts with a pet...

Lost and stray pets and those needing new homes find their way to our SHELTER. Here they receive medical attention, loving kindness, and the opportunity to find their forever families.

Bringing pets and people together

All of our pets are spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated. Through ADOPTION, PAWS unites loving companions with local families.

The Day to Day

Through our iconic mutt mitts, public ADVOCACY, and encouraging an ethic of responsible pet ownership, PAWS creates safe recreational spaces for pets and people.

Support for the unexpected

Our MedFund provides FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE for unexpected veterinary bills and our low cost spay/neuter helps local pet owners make responsible choices. Peace of mind is a phone call away.

Home, Safe and Secure

We offer CRISIS INTERVENTION for pets being evacuated in emergencies and pets of victims of domestic violence.

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