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pet safety

PAWS partners with two local organizations to ensure local pets are safe during an evacuation and in instances of domestic violence.


A safe haven for pets of victims of domestic abuse

Studies show a clear link between domestic violence, child abuse, and abuse of animals. With more than 70% of women entering shelters reporting their abusive partner also abused the pet, the SafePAWS shelter ensures that pets are not left behind in a violent home.

PAWS and the Community Safety Network help protect pets and their people with a custom pet facility on the CSN campus. When we built the shelter in 2010, we were only one of 27 domestic violence shelters in the U.S. accepting pets. 

If you are seeking shelter for you and your pet, please call Community Safety Network at (307) 733-3711.

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DO you need help?

If you are seeking shelter for you and your pet, please call Community Safety Network


Disaster Animal Response Team

PAWS's DART is part of the Teton County Emergency Management response in both Wyoming and Idaho. If a natural disaster strikes our area, Emergency Management will activate PAWS to care for our community's pets. The ready Disaster Animal Response Team trailer is stocked with equipment and supplies needed to care for more than 150 local pets during an evacuation. Provisions inside the trailer allow us to construct a temporary animal shelter with food, water, medical supplies, crates, bowls, leashes, and cleaning supplies. 

PAWS trains DART volunteers annually in case of emergency. See our Volunteer page to join!

PAWS is always looking for volunteers. Whether helping at the shelter, fostering, joining the DART team, or helping at events, we'd love your help!

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