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financial and medical support

PAWS is proud to offer options for pet owners to get needed veterinary care. Through our MedFund and Spay/Neuter programs, local pet owners can apply for financial assistance to cover expenses.

PAWS support programs for owners


MedFund provides funding for individuals who are unable to pay their vet bills. Our goal with this program is to reduce suffering and ensure that all local pets have access to veterinary care.


Residents of our three local communities (Jackson, WY, Star Valley, WY and Teton Valley, ID) can apply here for MedFund and can use the program one time. We also help pay vet bills for good samaritans who pick up injured, stray pets. We will pay to stabilize a pet while an owner is located.


Spaying and neutering our pets is the single most important thing we can do to reduce the pet populations in local shelters. This is a financial assistance program which provides low cost vouchers to residents of Teton County, WY, Teton County, ID and Star Valley, WY. Fill out our application and a PAWS representative will call you to confirm approval.


Please be sure to check in with your local veterinarian before using a voucher.

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Trail outreach and educational events promote good dogs and healthy communities.

PAWS knows that good dogs on shared trails and pathways create kind and considerate community interactions. This is why PAWS runs comprehensive education and outreach programming designed to foster good dogs, great owners and healthy communal spaces.

Outreach & mutt mitts

Cleaner trails through 150,000 free mutt mitts every year.

Our community loves the outdoors and our shared trails, pathways and public spaces are better because of mutt mitts. More than 75 mutt mitt stations in Teton County service 10,000 dogs and their owners. The stations are paid for and managed by PAWS, Parks & Recreation, Community Pathways, and various businesses and HOAs. Mutt mitts are free to everyone!


Each year, PAWS contributes 150,000 free mutt mitts to our community. To date, we’ve distributed 2.5 million free mutt mitts in the 25 stations we manage around town! We also sell mutt mitts and stations to local businesses and HOAs ($125 for a mutt mitt station and $12 for a sleeve of 100 mutt mitts). Call us if you’d like to install a mutt mitt station in your neighborhood.

Mutt Mitts in Victor, Driggs, ID, and Jackson and Wilson WY

PAWS is always looking for volunteers. Whether helping at the shelter, fostering, joining the DART team, or helping at events, we'd love your help!

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