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PAWS Shelter saves lives!

Since acquiring and managing the Teton Valley Animal Shelter in 2022, PAWS has made a profound impact, saving the lives of more than 875 local homeless animals. This number is the result of the housing crisis and economic hardships, which have led to a surge in pet relinquishments, instances of animal neglect, and a rise in pets needing urgent veterinary care. As a result, our budget has increased exponentially in the last two years.

The staggering number of local pets in need of care may seem high, and rightfully so. Teton Valley grapples with a disproportionately high shelter pet population compared to the number of households we serve. To meet the demand for animal care in the region, PAWS has expanded its shelter staff to ten members, providing care for 40-60 animals seven days a week.

What sets PAWS apart from other animal welfare organizations is our diverse and comprehensive services. We not only accept local stray pets and owner surrenders in Teton Valley but also offer social services aimed at reducing shelter intake by keeping pets in happy homes. As the sole organization in our region engaged in such extensive efforts, we are proud to serve our communities.

It has been a difficult two years gaining an understanding of the unique struggles this shelter faces.

Despite our best efforts, PAWS has only managed to raise 32% of the necessary funds to operate within the Teton Valley Community. Consequently, we have had to rely on funds from grantors and donors outside Teton Valley. We must secure enough local funding to ensure the continued operation of the PAWS Shelter, providing essential services to local pets and families.

We hope you will help!


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