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What if we didn't have mutt mitts?

With an estimated 10,000 dogs residing in Teton County, we know dog waste accumulates faster than it can naturally decompose. We know Dog Poop Pollutes!

Teton Conservation District’s 2003 study showed of the E. coli found in the Fish Creek and Flat Creek basins that was related to human activities, 7% originated from dog waste.

Since inception, PAWS has removed more than 2.5 million piles of dog waste from our trails & pathways.

It's a little-known fact in the PAWS Community, but one of our longest working relationships has been with Mutt Mitt Service Provider, Brian Upesleja and his Moose Hockey teammates who have helped keep our local trails free of dog waste for more than a decade. How do they stay so positive when tackling one of Jackson's dirtiest jobs? It seems humor helps!

Here's Alex Dewitz, wearing our poop fairy wings for a photo shoot while on Mutt Mitt duty!

Because this program costs more than $40,000 annually, we need the support of the community to ensure its continuation. We thank you for supporting this program with your donations and we thank you for always scooping the poop!


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