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Dispelling the stigma of pet rehoming


Shelter animals are often faced with the stigma that there must be something wrong with them, and owners who look to rehome their pets must be bad pet owners. In most cases, this could not be further from the truth. Meet Willow, a young German Shepherd who loves people young and old, dogs big and small, and who has been incredibly loved and well cared for. Her previous family had spent months trying to figure out what had been causing their 2-year-old son to break out into severe rashes and hives. When test results came back showing that their toddler was allergic to their beloved dog, Willow, they were heartbroken. They knew they had to prioritize their toddler’s health but that didn’t make the decision to rehome her any easier. Open-admission animal shelters, like PAWS serve as a lifeline for individuals grappling with the difficult task of rehoming their beloved pets. Rarely do we encounter owners who arrive at our doorstep with joy; the vast majority are devastated at the idea of having to give up a family pet. Our goal is to treat all who come to our door, animals and people with empathy, compassion and understanding.

In this case, we are so happy to report that Willow was quickly swooped into another loving home!


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