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Wyoming Animal Cruelty Statutes Need to Change

The recent incident in Daniel, WY involving a shocking act of animal cruelty has ignited a firestorm of attention on Wyoming and our woefully inadequate animal cruelty statutes. The practice of running down animals with snowmobiles in the Wyoming predator zone has been a persistent practice in the state for years. Despite awareness from the Game & Fish Department, Sheriffs’ Departments, and the Wyoming State Legislature, little has been done to address this barbaric practice.

Cody Roberts should face jail time without question. Wyoming's animal cruelty statute clearly states:

Felony cruelty to animals; penalty.

(ii) Knowingly and intentionally causing death or undue suffering by beating, torturing, tormenting, or mutilating an animal.

(ii) Punishments may include up to two years of imprisonment, a fine of up to $5,000, or both.

However, Wyoming's definition of animals as either household pets or livestock fails to protect wild animals.

As Wyoming residents, we support ethical hunting as part of conservation efforts. But this case was not hunting; it was a blatant act of animal torture for sport and entertainment.

This should be a wake-up call to WY legislators that their inaction on this is tantamount to complicity.

As animal welfare advocates PAWS believes all animals, domestic and wild deserve to live free of fear, suffering, and torment. We also know that people who hurt animals don’t often stop with just animals.

There is a lot at stake today. This horrific incident and all the publicity around it is a call to action. Please join PAWS and use your voice now to demand that Governor, Mark Gordon Home | Governor Mark Gordon ( and the WY State Legislators (Find your Legislator) enact legislation that will

1) Include wildlife in the definition of animals in WY Cruelty Statutes.

2) Ban the practice of tormenting and killing animals with snowmobiles.

3) Provide federal protections for wolves.


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